Inspiring Achievable Growth Through Business Support Services

Our Approach

Our 3-step approach is crucial to ensure the right support is delivered at the right time to any organisation:


  • IA Business Review (Growth Journey Development)
  • Financial Packaging/Due Dilligence (as appropriate)
  • Visioning/Value Journey
  • Organisation Analytics (as appropriate)


  • Business Turnaround
  • Specialist Bespoke Consultancy
  • Confirm Floating Board Make-up & Strategy


  • Professional Mentoring Services (for smaller businesses)
  • Floating Board – Growth
  • Floating Board – Growth to Exit
  • Cultural Transformation

Inspire Ambition

This is where we engage with stakeholders at a senior level (as well as other levels) to gain an understanding of the organisation. We have found that issues normally lie within handover and communication of information or data, or within the lack of alignment between different levels and functions within organisational hierarchies.

Our approach is visionary with a balance of empathy or candor as needed.  Understanding people first helps bring a real engagement.  Our IA Growth TIME model forms the basis of our business review from which we are able to hone in on areas where we can Impact Achievement, but also to clarify the ambition and the plan to achieve it.

Impact Achievement

Helping people understand the different journeys an organisation is on.  A prime example is a digital transformation journey.  We can create the steps and visualisation for all to understand what the journey looks like to eliminate fears and lack of understanding.

More importantly we can do this for most changes an organisation will need to make culturally and systematically to gain the best outputs and productivity internally.  Within the bespoke consultancy which is central to this phase we will also identify the crucial part that Injecting Advantage will play within the company’s journey.

Inject Advantage

Supporting organisations to inject advantage through our ongoing “floating advisory board”, our mentoring or just an impromptu phonecall can continue to support the decision-making, diligence and governance that organisations need to achieve.

We have been fortunate to have been successful in bringing “oversight” to some of the best talent which has led to successful organisations, both within individuals and senior teams by the continual accountability to defined vision and strategic plans.

Our Business Support Services

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Business Review

Bespoke Business Consultancy

Floating Board Support

Organisation Analytics

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