Gain Access To A Highly Accomplished And Experience Board On A Flexible Basis

Floating Board Support

Floating Board Support is an innovative way to support business owners on their journey and avoid impacting on key resources such as people and cash.

It allows the organisation to bring in highly experienced individuals to support the business without having to go through costly recruitment processes (in terms of both time and money).

It also allows for a more effective engagement as everyone who is involved has risked something to be part of the journey.

We offer two versions of the Floating Board:

The Traditional Floating Board, which focusses on GROWTH and is there to support you beyond the Business Review and the consultancy support you may have gained.

There is also the GROWTH TO EXIT option.

What are your personal long term goals and ambitions? How long do you want to be involved in your current business? These are just a few high level questions that generate a lot of detailed planning to maximise your return and protect the future of your legacy.

Getting ready to exit a business is never an easy decision, especially if you have built it from the ground up, or if it’s been in your family for generations. There is an emotional bond, but the decision to sell potentially requires years of planning.

Will your exit be a clean break? A trade sale?  Are you planning on stepping down from the business entirely or gradually reducing your days?  Do you know who the buyer might be – an external party of a member of the team – MBO?  Is there someone ready to take over? Buyers and funders won’t want to see all your knowledge leave with you.

A well thought out exit plan should play a critical role in any owner’s strategy.  It can help to reward and protect your current employees, give you control, insight and accountability throughout the process and help achieve your ambitions during an inevitably stressful time.

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