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Strategic Review of Business
(IA Growth Brain Diagnostic)

Have you ever wanted to review your business thoroughly? Do you find some measures only go so far? Do you know you have gaps but either can’t get to the root cause fully, or trust your team to work with them?

Within IA Growth have amassed over 30 years experience of solving problems for businesses. During that time we regularly came up against the same issue – how do we create a unique engagement model that does not exist anywhere else? A diagnostics tool but with some depth to it to get “under the bonnet”.

It was then the IA Growth Time Model was created. This is a fundamental part of our approach to Inspiring Ambition.

Taking the best elements of various market-leading tools we had used, we developed a model to assess all areas of the business simply and easily, but with a bias in terms of the number one variable of business – people.

You can read more of the origins of the model here.

The assessment covers all 9 areas of the Business Brain model:

  • Ambition
  • People (Inspiring Ambition)
  • Measures
  • Systems
  • People (Improving Achievement)
  • Value
  • Brand
  • People (Injecting Advantage)
  • Experience

This also creates an additional focus around the people aspects in terms of each focus we work with; whether it is People (Inspiring Ambition), People (Improving Achievement) or People (Injecting Advantage). 

This allows us to understand those individual areas, as well as the issues relating to alignment between departments and functions, and layers of responsibility.

This, plus some behavioural interviewing of key individuals, will allow a full overview of the business to be developed and a top level plan of improvement to be gained and presented.

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