Inspiring Ambition – Impacting Achievement – Injecting Advantage

Inspiring Ambition

We inspire ambition by concentrating on the following key areas:

Visionary Leadership

Supporting the development of vision without boundaries and limiting beliefs.  Our 7-step model allows you to move from creativity and conscious awareness through validation into application and deployment of the vision.

Strategic Alignment

Ensuring all targets and communications are aligned from the top of the organisation down, ensuring reporting mechanisms are developed and bought into throughout the organisation.

Strategic Modelling

Development and bringing together of all financial, market, business model renewal or diversification where required and improving organisational development using data analytics.

Strategic Deployment

Using well known methodologies such as Hohsin, OKR and the likes, leading to the creation of solid dashboards and tracking of the strategic model at an operational and tactical level.

Impacting Achievement

We impact achievement with the following methods:

System & Process Infrastructure

Bringing world leading methodologies from lean, six sigma and scrum perspective as appropriate.

Digital Transformation

Ensuring that any digital transformation is understood (through using I4.0 and digital audit tools and developing an implementation plan).

Captial Investment & Support of Funding Needs

Supporting with strategic planning and any fundraising applications – where necessary.

Market Intelligence & Research

Pulling together market research as is required to review new market opportunities and optimise existing markets.

Brand Development & Channel Strategy

Supporting your brand and market position to ensure maximum digital exposure.

Organisational Design & Development

Support in development and implementation of a new cultural roadmap from values development, through transitioning of organograms to recruitment, succession and organisational analytics.

People Development

Leadership development using our own proprietary Show Up, Show How, and Show Results framework, and our various mentoring interventions.

Turnaround Support

Using all aspects of the IA Growth model we can understand quickly where concerns lie across the whole business model and take the swift action to overcome them. We don’t mind getting our hands dirty and restructuring organisations quickly no matter the environment.

Injecting Advantage

We inject advantage with:

Accountability & Mentoring

Independent generalist as well as specific sounding boards for founder, CEO, board and/or senior team.

Business Sustainability & Future-Proofing

Implementation of financial models and processes to ensure that expenditure is planned and budgeted.

Business Sale or Exit

Working with our key partners we are able to support you and your business in preparation for sale or exit, or to acquire or merge. We can even add to your capacity to ensure that any new acquisition is integrated fully as quickly as possible.

Succession Planning

Using our own checklist and planning document covering from the exit trigger, through financials, legal, recruitment and people development – we can support your full succession plan, and support implementation.

Cultural Transformation

Using our own proprietary six step intentional change methodology, along with the facets of organisation development.

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