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Through feedback from our clients, we believe we engage in a different way to other organisations, and have demonstrably achieved great successes.

Proven Growth Models

Since the inception of IA Growth, our ethos has always been to provide thought leadership through the development of collaborative working practices, models and tools to support our clients to fulfil their ambitions. 

We first developed our proprietary IA brain model in 2012 and we continue to evolve our latest visionary leadership models. This means you can be sure that our approaches are deep-rooted and adapted over time with the feedback and validation we have received.  Our own tools are complemented with well established best practice models such as the Value Proposition and Business Model canvasses. The difference we have is that we learned how to apply and implement the models directly from the originator to ensure the integrity and context of the tools are maintained.  We believe in all client working there is a degree of training, coaching and facilitation. The sharing of our knowledge ensures we build capacity within our clients’ teams.

 Each leader is unique, just as is each human being. The reality is that no one can be authentic by trying to be like someone else.

We are about co-creation, not our own egos

It is essential that all tools remain within the organisation.  Any tool developed specifically for the purposes of any client engagement remains their sole property with all rights assigned.

We believe that a central form of measurement is critical to showing a strong return on investment for any work completed, and the effectiveness of our approach.  These returns have fluctuated from 20% to over 800% depending on the scope of work and implementation.  We have over ten years of data to validate our work as well as numerous testimonials. 

All of our interactions are subject to the IA Growth Guarantee.  Within this guarantee, we withhold typically upto 33% of our fee which is only paid when “success” has been delivered.

We feel this is us ‘putting our money where our mouth is’ and gives us an added incentive to succeed. It also means we don’t generally take equity, weakening the owner’s hand.

The IA Growth Time Model

The IA Growth Time Model has been evolved from the IA Business Brain model we developed more than 10 years ago. Bringing the core of the original model with people at the centre, this updated version brings in the concept of time, and what is the right thing to do at the right time for the organisation considering macro and micro elements in the marketplace.

Time is motion and crucial in terms of engagement and subsequent success within any external support.

Within this model there are seven key areas for consideration:

AMBITION“Do you have a clear and compelling ambition?” Often we find this can lack clarity or even worse has been lost within the business.  Maybe it still sits in the mind of the founder or shareholders and has never been visualised.  Maybe it has just been overrun with the doing.  We also review areas such as business and financial modelling (or the Value Journey as we call it) and the alignment to the ambition, as well as the subsequent communication and reporting.

PEOPLE“How confident are you that you are getting the best from your people?” There is a reason why we place people at the heart of the organisation, as the great saying goes “Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast.” From visionary leadership to full strategic deployment and into all people and their wellbeing – its is crucial that an integrated approach to people exists within the business.

MEASURES“Are your measures driving everyone in the same direction?” Examining all the areas relating to the value journey, financials, market, operations, and the people, along with your effectiveness in terms of the reporting structure and meetings.

SYSTEMS“Do your systems allow your people to work seamlessly across the organisation?” The ability to continuously improve the way of implementing and delivering your product and services, aligned with your people’s capability and competences is crucial in ensuring your success.

VALUE“Do your people have the toolbox to deliver value?” In this case value is seen as productivity or effectiveness within the relationship of people behaviours and the systems implemented.

BRAND“Why will customers engage with you rather than the competition?” Having a top level brand can often be the key differentiator for you to your clients.  We support in the development of your messaging and the suitable channels where it can be seen by your target audiences.

EXPERIENCE“Do you deliver what you said you would in the way the market is expecting?” Standing on the customer expectation is the key to customer recognition of your organisation and how it stands out from the crowd.  It may be seen in repeat business, referrals, increased business etc…

Through working with our clients, we found that by combining their ambition and brand promise we could identify the “Ambition to Provide”, and compare this to the “Reality of Provision” measured from internal performance and customer experience.

Further to that we can review how joined-up these views are across an organisation to then understand the alignment from the top to bottom, and across any silos that exist.

The engagement model allows us to understand where your business needs really lie, and to understand the culture and maturity of your business to offer you the right solution, not just our preferred method.

We work through this model in terms of an assessment at the commencement of our work with you and in development of your vision and strategic models.

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