It is rare that thee successful senior leaders come together to form something new, but that is exactly what has happened in the creation of IA Growth.

Graham Sleep, David Land and Andy Briggs have all achieved business success in fast faced and expanding organisations over the last 20 years and have now joined forces to bring this exciting new business to the North East.

These safe, secure hands have remained current through a few generations and are bringing all of their knowledge and networks together on this new venture, as they believe that from experience comes insight.  In fact, this experience has led to the creation of their pet name, ‘the Grey and Balding’.

David and Graham made their names in the manufacturing and engineering industry, whereas Andy built his reputation in retail. Given their varied key skill-sets, namely in strategy from a commercialisation, business development, finance and investment, as well as operations perspective, they can often be seen as the missing piece for an organisation.
They are already involved in rapid growth for some North-East businesses, such as A.R. Controls in Sunderland which has gone from a £700k turnover to around the £3M mark and Funky Chunky Furniture which has seen growth from £500k to £1.2M in the past 12 months as a result of their involvement. 
IA Growth’s approach differs from a lot of other programmes relating to business support, in that it is a long-term relationship, the team are willing to share best practice and agree business performance by supporting businesses across all of their skills and talents to cover the whole growth journey. Funding can still be accessed, should you wish, from the standard providers (although most people are signing up on a commercial value basis only).   
IA Growth are consolidating their launch by sponsoring the Scale-Up Award at the Entrepreneurs Forum Business Awards on 28th September 2018, and with a stand at the EMCON exhibition in Newton Aycliffe on 18th October 2018. 
For more information please contact us on 08000 248 671.

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