Name: Andrew Ramsey

Position: Managing Director

Date: 27/09/2018

Company: A R Controls Ltd.

Company name and what a brief description of what you do?

Industrial machine automation and robotic system integrators.

How did you hear about Improvement Architecture?   

Initial introduction through a 3rd party.

Why did you contact us?  What problems were you experiencing?. 

Our business had hit a ceiling of around £1 million turnover p.a. when we first engaged with Graham. We had stayed at this level for two to thre years, we were finding it hard to break through this ceiling.  As an MD I was concerned with this and needed a strategy to move the business forward so we could achieve year on year growth in turnover and improve profitability.

How did IA help to resolve this?

The main function of IA initially was mentoring me and giving guidance on restructuring current staff, then looking at our process.  This helped identify the need for staff in the right areas to enable both the company to have the potential to grow and also enable myself to have more time to assist with this growth through a more active technical sales role.

Following on from that we are now looking at further growth based on improvement of process and procedures, implementing an ERP system and automating some of our manual processes.

What benefits has the programme/coaching brought you to company?

As the only active director of the company it gives me someone to bounce my thoughts off and think out ideas and plans.  Building on the experience of IA to assist with taking the ideas forward and mapping out various strategies.

Would you recommend us and/or use us again? 

We are very much using IA continually to assist with our further growth.  Growth last financial year was up 55% on the previous year and we hope that will be the case in this current financial period.  I would definitely recommend IA to others considering it.

Can you please write a brief testimonial about your experiences?

Since working closely with Graham and IA over the last 3 years, the advice and guidance he has given me has been invaluable but the results are measurable. We streamlined and moved from two smaller buildings into significantly larger single premesis in 2017. This has been one of the key strategies in winning larger projects and also portraying our business as a much larger contender with a broader range of skills and services.

Graham helped us restructure our internal teams a few times so information flowed more efficiently. We have continued to increase the headcount as our order book has grown and I have surrounded myself with an excellent team of tallented and experienced individuals. Today we have 31 staff members with 4 new apprentices in the workshop. We are still searching for additional key staff members as we continue to grow.

From an annual turnover of £1m we have now grown to £2.5m over the last 3 years – our order books are looking very healthy for the following year and we are working on over £5m of additional opportunities as I write. We continue to work closely with Graham and IA – he is effectively an important part of our “team” and we value his advice and experience very highly. Graham is a very easy person to engage with and I most certainly would recommend any company facing the growing pains that we encountered to arrange a meeting with him.

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