Business Confidence.

Typically, most investment funds are run by financial experts – this means that there is potential for them to either risk or not make a positive decision when faced with an investment opportunity often due to lack of clarity behind projections and numbers.

Small and medium sized enterprises now make up the majority of businesses within the UK. Our view is that these businesses often don't know what they are capable of, and often are let down by the professional support they receive. Often there are communication breakdowns in deep-dive numbers. There is often ideas but not detailed budgets and cash-flow projections supported by highly developed assumptions and robust resource capacity and capability requirements. How can this be explained to a potentially nervous investor?

Further to this, the story is often left to the key people within the organisation to tell, however they have their own reputations to protect and do not necessarily want to delve into deeper information of which they may not have a full understanding.

Our Business Confidence programme is about the evaluation, the awareness of investment, and the preparation of the organisation for its interview and/or panel. This has been developed to ensure organisations are getting independent advice to get behind the numbers, knowing what they do, and are able to evaluate what happensĀ as it happens. It is also about being able to put this detailed message across in the investment packs and panel time available.

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